What’s the Impact of Volcano Eruptions on Real Estate in Kona?

What’s the Impact of Volcano Eruptions on Real Estate in Kona?

  • Kris Hazard
  • 06/25/23

Kona is a large district on the main island of Hawaii that spans most of the island’s west side. The district stretches from Anaeho’omalu Bay at the Waikoloa Beach Resort to Manuka Park. The area was home to King Kamehameha in his last years and featured many historic landmarks, attractions, shops, and restaurants. You can learn more about Kona’s history at attractions like Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park, where you can explore temples, or you can take a walking tour at the Hulihe’e Palace.

The majestic Mauna Loa volcano shields the region from strong winds, providing calm ocean waters ideal for spotting wildlife like sea turtles and dolphins and enjoying water activities like snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, and sailing. While acting as a shield for Kona, Mauna Loa is an active volcano that recently erupted on the Big Island, causing locals and travelers to wonder about its impact on the community. Learn more about how volcanoes — such as Mauna Loa — impact real estate in Kona and what you should know before buying a home.

What should Kona home buyers know about volcanoes?

This year, Hawaii has witnessed significant volcanic activity, particularly on the Big Island, impacting the real estate market and considerations for buying a home. The volcanic eruptions, lava flows, and associated hazards have drawn attention to the importance of understanding the geographical and geological factors when purchasing property in the region.

While volcanic eruptions in Kona have been relatively infrequent compared to other parts of the Big Island, it is still important to consider the potential impact on home-buying decisions. Thorough research, consultation with experts, consideration of volcano insurance, and understanding the potential impact on property values are all crucial elements in making informed decisions about purchasing a home in Kona.

How has the Mauna Loa eruption impacted the Kona community?

The Kona region of Hawaii was not in danger during the eruption of Mauna Loa in 2022. The volcano is approximately 100 miles away and has impacted day-to-day life. The community experienced occasional dips in air quality but did not have to worry about evaluations or home destruction. Living in Kona near Mauna Loa is similar to living in an area with wildfires or tornadoes. Still, volcanoes can be monitored from the start and move slower, giving locals time to prepare for any potential contact.

What are the effects on the Kona real estate market?

Hawaii is separated into eight lava-flow zones, with eight being the safest area and one being the area in the most danger of flow patterns. Parts of South Kona are in levels two and three, meaning lava will likely flow to these areas and reach them faster. North Kona is a three and four, making it slightly less susceptible to damage from a volcanic eruption. Islanders should have excellent home insurance, including lava-flow insurance, to protect from natural disasters.

Despite the chance for volcanic damage, many people find eruptions alluring and seek to experience the natural disaster up close. Even with active volcanoes on the Big Island, real estate has remained strong, and homes are still selling in areas like Kona. Most of the changes in real estate on the island during the Mauna Loa eruption had more to do with regular trends and interest rates than fear of volcanic activity.

Why do people buy real estate in Kona?

Lower real estate prices are among the main draws to the Big Island and popular areas like Kona. Smaller Hawaiian islands like Oahu and Maui have exceedingly high home prices reaching the millions, while buyers can find more affordable options for around $500,000 on the mainland.

Kona’s laid-back lifestyle and ideal climate have made it a desirable destination for retirees looking to enjoy their golden years in paradise and families searching for an active lifestyle. Many have chosen to purchase property in the area, allowing them to participate in all that Kona offers. From sunrise walks along the beach to sunset cocktails at oceanfront restaurants, residents have many leisure activities to fill their days. With its welcoming community and idyllic surroundings, buyers can create a unique living experience.

How can I find homes for sale on the island?

Whether you want to make Kona your permanent home or search for a vacation property, you will benefit from exploring the island and learning about environmental impacts like flooding, hurricanes, and volcanoes. The best way to find updated information about Kona homes for sale, neighborhood statistics, and island culture is to work with a local real estate professional. After thoroughly discussing your needs in a home and lifestyle expectations, a real estate agent can search for current listings and exclusive off-market properties to meet your criteria. An agent will also help prepare you for the market by connecting you with industry professionals such as lenders for pre-approval. Once you find a home, a realtor can advise on an appropriate offer and protect your interests during negotiations.

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