Our Method for Getting Kailua Kona Homes Ready to List on the MLS

Our Method for Getting Kailua Kona Homes Ready to List on the MLS

  • Kris Hazard
  • 08/1/23
Homes in Kailua Kona essentially sell themselves. The exquisite enclave on the Big Island’s splendid west side boasts the prevailing idea of Eden, from impeccable beaches to staggering views of the Pacific. This is reason enough to want to purchase a piece of Kailua Kona.

Nonetheless, as a homeowner, you know there are several key steps you must take to ensure your home stands out from your competition and attracts multiple offers. But what are these steps, exactly? And what benefits might they offer sellers who employ them? 

Read on for acclaimed Big Island real estate agent Kristina Vaughn Hazard’s method of preparing Kailua Kona homes for sale.

Assess your reasons for selling

Evaluating your reasons for selling may seem a little strange to sellers who want to add their home to the Kailua Kona real estate market. And yet, identifying why you’re selling and what you hope to gain with the sale of your home helps ensure that:
  • You’ll be able to view your home from an objective perspective to make key decisions and
  • Have the capacity to commit to the transaction without an overwhelming amount of emotions involved

Why is this vital? Buyers may pick up on your hesitation. Moreover, it may make you reluctant to accept the purchase offers that may come in — even after all of your hard work preparing your home for the market. Reminding yourself why you’re selling will help keep you on track throughout the process.

Do a clean sweep through your home

Deep cleaning your home is an essential part of getting it ready to list on the market. It’s important for your home to appear as immaculate as possible. Cleaning your home should also include de-personalizing or removing personal items. Photographs, mementos from your travels, and the artwork your children did in grade school are all likely important to you but will undoubtedly distract prospective buyers. 

With that said, there are a few personal items that you may want to keep in plain view. When selling a home in Kailua Kona, you aren’t just selling your physical property but also a lifestyle that’s coveted by many. What things do you own or have the ability to procure that might underscore the unparalleled lifestyle Hawaii affords its residents? 

It may mean keeping your longboard on the porch, your paddle on display, that well-preserved lei on your lampshade, or the paintings and figurines that represent Hawaii on the bookcase in your living room. Anything that reminds prospective buyers, particularly those from the mainland and foreign investors, of the bliss that awaits on the Big Island should be kept intact and highlighted.

Power wash your exterior

Unless you’re selling a condominium or townhome, be sure to power wash your home and, if you have a pool, the stone around it. Even a light film of dust can diminish the appeal of your home, especially if your open houses and showings are held in the heat of the day and your home’s “flaws”, no matter how minor, are magnified by the strong Hawaiian sun.

Level up your landscaping

Many people dream of living in Hawaii because of the deep connection with nature the islands give its residents. You want to ensure that feeling flows into your own home, as well as your yard. Your home’s exterior is often the first impression a buyer will make on your home, so it needs to be in immaculate condition. Trim any trees that need to be pruned, plant bougainvillea or another hardy plant that can withstand Kailua Kona’s warmer days, and make sure that old, dried leaves and other debris have been cleared.

If you have yet to install outside lighting, now may be the time to do so, as it will showcase your home’s potential for evening entertaining. Even tiki torches add a touch of glamor to lush, lovely yards.

Talk to Kris About Staging Your Home

Surveys reveal that spending a small amount on a professional home stager can reward sellers with an impressive ROI. Staging won’t undo the uniqueness of your home; rather, it will highlight it in a manner that enables prospective buyers to envision themselves living under your roof.

Clear out your storage spaces

While the items inside your kitchen pantry and cupboards, bedroom closets, and bathroom medicine cabinets might seem tucked away and out of sight, most eager buyers will approach your home with an eagle eye, opening and closing more doors than you can imagine. They’ll want to evaluate your home to ensure it will provide them with ample room to store their belongings and accommodate the new possessions they may accrue. This means that storage spaces should be kept well-organized and clutter-free. 

Apply a fresh coat of paint

Unless you’re selling a Kailua Kona home that was recently built or renovated, chances are high that your interior and exterior could benefit tremendously from a fresh coat of paint. New paint immediately revamps a space and helps the room appear brighter, newer, and cleaner. While you may be tempted by a shade of light blue that evokes the ocean, it’s recommended to stick to neutral colors. You might think blue would look lovely in the living room, but a potential buyer may not. 

Clean and restore your windows

Whether your views are of the dazzling Pacific or your verdant backyard, remember, again, that Hawaii’s biggest and most compelling selling point is its spectacular natural beauty. With this in mind, your windows and screens should be in pristine condition to emphasize the vistas your home provides.

Gearing up to sell your Kailua Kona home? 

Kristina Vaughn Hazard would be thrilled to help you sell your Kailua Kona home. She has extensive experience across the Big Island’s west coast and knows exactly how to showcase a home in its most gorgeous and striking light. Reach out to Kris, a Kailua-Kona real estate agent, today to schedule a consultation and experience working with a real estate agent who knows Hawaii inside and out.

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